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- service robotics and AI-based robotics control
- educational robotics, robotic designers

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About product

Hi friends. Children and adults alike also want to hide cool robots, but unfortunately they can be seen only on the net in foreign videos. And how do you like the idea of ??assembling your walking robot from an inexpensive domestic designer who can recognize homework, walk the stairs, walk in the yard and bring various objects.
Almost all created robots in the world copy animals or humans; they are called biomorphic or biosimilar. But this leads to the need to use dozens of servos with gearboxes that replace muscles. Our robot has no analogues either among other robots or in living nature. The robot is based on a unique patented movement mechanism. It is distinguished by high maneuverability and only one servo drive per limb, which is an unusual tripod. This became possible thanks to the invented mechanism for compensating for vibrations that occur when the tripod rotates. At the same time, the walking platform easily moves over stairs, rubble and other obstacles. The unusual design of the legs in the form of a tripod allows the robot not only to walk, but also to pick up various objects with their help, while adding only one servo drive. The most sophisticated robot model from our designer has only 5 servos, one motor and 6 absolute encoders (position sensors). A small number of motors and sensors makes it easier to program the robot to perform different actions. And the battery energy is enough for a longer operating time compared to walking robots from other designers containing over a dozen servos. The popular Arduino board is used as the control board, so for many who are familiar with this platform, programming the robot will not be a difficult task. Today the designer is 90% ready, we just have to finalize the mechanical part before launching into mass production and “finish” the software platform for controlling the robot together with the University of Artificial Intelligence.
We are pleased to present our Tetrabot robotic project, which will help realize your child’s dream or your dream of your walking robot. From our constructor you will not collect a toy, but a small assistant robot. An artificial pet can be taught a lot, for example, to pack things in a room, navigate in the surrounding space, walk around an apartment, around a house, up a staircase and a yard, learn and communicate. The designer will help you quickly master programming, the basics of electronics and mechanics. Robotics is the profession of the future!

Artificial intelligence

Joint project with the University of Artificial Intelligence: voice recognition system for the educational robotic constructor “Tetrabot Start”.
The main activity of Tetrabot LLC is development in the field of mechatronics and robotics using artificial intelligence technologies. That is why, within the framework of cooperation between the Tetrabot company and the University of Artificial Intelligence (Terra AI LLC), a project was implemented to create a voice command recognition system for robotic constructors, which are a set of various servos, wheel drives, claws and a control unit.

Objective and implementation of the project
As part of the project, a team of interns from the University of Artificial Intelligence had to develop a high-precision neural network capable of recognizing voices and transmitting appropriate commands to the robot’s control unit. The control unit is programmed using Arduino and certain software, which had to be presented in the form of an Android application to control the robot from a smartphone. However, when using the provided dataset with children’s voices and short commands, it became clear that this approach would not be effective, and the project was revised. The University proposed new hypotheses to achieve the required result.
Instead of creating a neural network from scratch, the project team decided to use Google’s SpeechRecognition technologies and the mobile version of Vosk. Ultimately, an effective voice recognition system was implemented using the Vosk library, as it provides a mobile version with Russian language support. The resulting text from the voice was matched with the command, represented by a two-byte code, and transmitted to the Arduino. After solving all the technical difficulties, the developers successfully set up a connection between the Android application and the robot via Wi-Fi.
Results and prospects
During the project, an application was developed that can receive voice commands, process them and transmit them to Arduino. Moreover, the application includes an emergency memory function, allowing the robot to perform stop and resume functions. Participants also demonstrated the ability to control the robot through scripts, including simple commands (for example, move forward, backward, turn) and complex compound commands. Tetrabot company expresses gratitude to everyone who participated in the development. A large number of hypotheses were worked out and several options for working solutions were implemented. As a result, not only a high-quality result was obtained, but also prospects were created for the further development of the project. We look forward to future cooperation with the development team of the University of Artificial Intelligence in solving the next tasks of the Tetrabot Start educational robotic constructor project.


The Tetrabot-Start robotic designer is the 4 basic robot models: tetrabot assistant, tetrabot all-terrain vehicle, tetrabot porter and tetrabot scout.

Tetrabot Assistant

The model uses 5 servos, 1 motor, 6 position sensors.

tetrabot all-terrain vehicle

The model uses 5 servos, 1 motor, 6 position sensors.

Tetrabot Porter

The simplest model, which uses 4 servos and 4 position sensors.

Scout tetrabot

The model uses 4 servos and 4 position sensors.